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21 Local Small Business Resources You May Not Know About

Shout Outs

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    The Nussbaum Center staff understands what we are going through, and can always be counted upon to help when asked.

    • Radius Semiconductor, Associate Business
    • Consultant
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    The Nussbaum Center allowed me to establish my business as a viable entity.

    • Abby Donnelly, Leadership and Legacy Group, Graduate
    • Consultant
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    The Nussbaum Center took me from where I was, a person with an idea, to where I am, a business owner who has survived (and perhaps even prevailed) in a volatile education market.

    • Greensboro Online Tutoring, Associate Business
    • CTO
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    I tended not to focus on my own needs. I have marveled at Sam Funchess' ability to counsel me out of this short-sightedness. I have been both challenged and nurtured in our regular coaching sessions to make my business goals for me, not give away that essential priority.

    • Jack Hileman, TherapyWorks, Associate Business
    • CEO
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    Sam (Funchess) developed a Mastermind group of business owners/managers facing similar problems. We keep each other focused on the right things, share struggles, successes, tips, and help each other out.

    • Kate Padgett, Fusion3 – 3D Printers, EASE Program
    • Designer

It's Not About Space. It's About Business.

At the Nussbaum Center we know that entrepreneurs want to grow their idea into a successful business. In order to do that you need access to resources and support for your business. The problem is you may not know what resources are available which can make you feel stressed and frustrated. 

We believe everyone deserves the American Dream. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve been in your shoes. This is why out of the thousands of businesses we have helped, 78% are still in operation.

Interested in joining the Nussbaum Center? Complete our online application, pick your plan and watch your business grow. In the meantime, download a copy of our list, 21 Local Small Business Resources You May Not Know About so you can stop stressing and start succeeding.

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Become a Mastermind

Navigate challenges using the collective intelligence of others.


Develop your strategic direction to get your business to the next level.

Goal Setting

Identify measurable goals that move you to a successful business model.


Map out a marketing strategy that will grow your revenue.

Financial Modeling

Create a financial model to project profitability and cash flow.


Suite 2306 – Nussbaum Center
Phone: (336) 333-5399
Website: greensboro.score.org

Provides confidential consulting to entrepreneurs and small business owners at no cost.

Suite 1209 – Nussbaum Center
Phone: (336) 334-4822 x62002
Website: ncmbc.us

Supports businesses in recruiting military defense-related ventures to North Carolina.

Suite 2012 – Nussbaum Center
Phone: (336) 362-5170
Website: ies.ncsu.edu

Works with manufacturers to help become more profitable and grow through assisting with business innovation and operational processes.

Suite 2106 – Nussbaum Center
Phone: (336) 256-9300
Website: sbtdc.org

Provides knowledge, education and other supportive resources that enable existing small and mid-sized businesses emerging entrepreneurs to innovate and succeed.

Suite 1201 – Nussbaum Center
Phone: (336) 334-4822 x62001
Website: sbc.gtcc.edu

Offers one-on-one confidential business counseling plus workshops and seminars on a variety of business topics.

Suite 2121 – Nussbaum Center
Phone: (336) 256-9350
Website: piedmontbusinesscapital.org

Piedmont Business Capital assists women and minority owned business with access to capital.


We know these are confusing times.

We continue to monitor and research all opportunities for entrepreneurs and their relevance to our Associates and partner organizations. 

We will continue to push out information as we receive it to help minimize the impact of COVID-19 on your business. 

Sam, Clay and Lisa