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Roydera Hackworth
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In five years, Hackworth Law, PC will become the premier immigration and general practice law firm in North Carolina and throughout the southeast region. The practice will also establish its name as a national presence in various aspects of legal advocacy, especially in pro bono cases.
The founding mission of Hackworth Law, PC is presented below: 1. We, the employees and management of Hackworth Law, PC, make this pledge to you, out valued clients: 2. We pledge that we will address your needs for legal service in a prompt and friendly manner 3. We pledge that we will provide the most reliable and quality assured services 4. We pledge that we will offer services, with ethical underpinnings that meet or exceed the guidelines set by professional organizations including ABA, NCBA and AILA 5. We pledge that we will be good community citizens, respectful of the communities we serve, and friendly neighbors to the surrounding business 6. We pledge that we will always present a positive public image 7. We pledge that we will be responsive to your suggestions and concerns
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